Earn while you learn

The Photizo Light Project will stimulate study for KNOWLEDGE, REWARD participants while ENLIGHTENING their minds to engage the TRUTH of God’s word.

What is Photizo?


Photizo (Pronounced fo tid’ zo) is a greek word meaning to shed rays, i.e. to shine or (transitively) to brighten up (literally or figuratively):–enlighten, illuminate, (bring to, give) light, make to see.

Our Aim

The core of our motive is to inspire everyone to study the bible as well as to imbibe the eternal truths therein. We want to challenge people to hunger for the word while being worthy ambassadors of peace where ever they are in the world.
We are therefore excited about this as we establish ourselves as the first bible quiz on blockchain. We take delight in rewarding people all over the world that will be embrace and participate in the quiz activity. This cuts across every social divide, class and gender. This is to also contribute to the adoption of block chain across the world.

DAPP Facts

Facts and Stats about Decentralized Apps

DApp is pronounced DEE-APP. DApps are applications that run on a peer-to-peer network of computers, as opposed to a single computer. The key benefit of this is that users of the network don’t have to depend on a central computer to send and receive information. These applications take advantage of the power of blockchain and, more specifically, use smart contracts to enforce each term of agreement between two parties.

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